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亚当·J. 米勒
(740) 351-3568


All students in the 机电工程技术 program are required to purchase a laptop computer for use in classes.

Many vendors offer academic discounts to university students. See the respective vendors' websites for more information on how to take advantage of these discounts.

Windows / Linux

  • CPU:  Almost any relatively recent CPU will be adequate (where “recent” means “no more than two years old).
  • 推荐:英特尔酷睿i3, i5, i7家庭, or any currently shipping AMD CPU with the exception of AMD Sempron or AMD Turion K8-E.
  • 内存(RAM):至少2GB.  建议:4 gb.
  • 硬盘:建议至少250GB.
  • Video:  For CET students, either integrated (Intel) or discrete (nVidia or AMD/ATI) will suffice.  For Digital Simulation and Gaming students, some classes will require discrete video.  推荐使用DirectX 11/OpenGL 4类GPU.
  • Networking:  The Advanced Technology Center provides 802.11b/g无线网络.  For maximum flexibility, the availability of wired (Ethernet) networking is recommended.
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